Background on ISO 14001

ISO 14000 refers to a relatives of standards: ISO 14000:2015 (contains vocabulary and definitions), ISO 14001:2015 (contains the actual requirements that an institute has to comply with to become certified), and ISO 14004:2004 (contains strategy on development and implementation of environmental management systems and philosophy). ISO 14000 is a standard for environmental management and sets food for implementing, maintaining and improving an environmental management system and ensuring compliance with environmental laws and system. This is an essential part of any GO GREEN program. Once you implement processes and procedures that comply with the rations listed in the ISO 14001 standard, you are audited by a third party organization called Registrar such as TUV or UL who will confirm your organization to this standard. ISO 14001 is generic and is applicable to those environmental aspects (water discharge, exhaust fumes, energy usage, recycling, etc.) which an organization has to organize and over which it can be expected to comprise an influence. ISO 14001 can be incorporated seamlessly with ISO 9001 certification.